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If it is true that “everything you do prepares you for everything you do,” then this website has taken the majority of my life to assemble. It is my on-line resume’, my personal history: it is the public display of my professional works, my private writings and future projects….with a few pictures and video clips thrown in.

Browse, read, enjoy and consider the possibilities.

80 Years of Hollis Green

January 6th 2013

I love digging through family memorabilia, finding old snapshots that illustrate the life and times of a cherished friend or family member.  There is a magic in the discovery of such wrinkled memories. In fact, there is an art to the arranging of these selected pictures which somehow transforms them into moving portraits that actually brings the past to life again…

What follows is my attempt to conjure such magic; to reclaim a few key moments from my Dad's eight eventful decades and re-animate those by-gone days for another look …

It is my gift for my father on his 80th Birthday.

Latest Short Story Feature

My pal Erika Chambers and her amazing collaborators called "MERCY CHILD" gave me an unexpected Christmas gift this year.... Their new song 'CLOSER" (based on my short story "A PATH OF YOUR OWN" ). Their blended harmonies and instrumentation creates an atmosphere fit for any holiday -- Or just a peaceful afternoon curled up with a good book (of MY short stories) ;)

To read the story & listen to Mercy Child's new song - CLICK HERE

Harris III Premiere - Red Carpet Event

In celebration of "Papaw's" centennial year
we are making available volume one of his collected works.

Click on the image below to learn more.

Sneak Peek at the short film - "Harris III, Master Illusionist"
Barton Green as "Mr. McMichael"

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“Are you ever in need of an amazing ghost writer for a book or bio? Bart Green is the most talented and gifted writer I have ever had a chance to work with! Don't take my word for some of his work for yourself!”

~ Greg Lucid

“…Don't ever stop writing. It's what you were created to do.”

~Faye O'Neil Cooper

“…Your words are ALWAYS filled with peace and encouragement. I really love that about you.”

~ Beth Harris

“…Very encouraging & soul soothing. How did you you know i needed this today!”

~ Mary Kosako Gallagher