If it is true that “everything you do prepares you for everything you do,” then this website has taken the majority of my life to assemble. It is my on-line resume’, my personal history: it is the public display of my professional works, my private writings and future projects….with a few pictures and video clips thrown in.

Browse, read, enjoy and consider the possibilities.

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This overview of my literary efforts is not meant to be a roster of accomplishments, but rather a few bright spots on a ‘DONE’-LIST that has been, so far, nothing but fun.

Who would ever guess that this small town southern boy would get to spend time with Jimmy Stewart in his Beverly Hills home. Or have a series of deep (recorded) conversations with folks like Mickey Rooney, Conway Twitty, Isaac Hayes, Mae Boren Axton (writer of ‘Heartbreak Hotel”), Smokey Robinson, Kris Kristofferson, Milton Berle (the world’s first TV star) and so many more…

And most amazing is that this pastor’s kid from Tennessee would eventually be invited to write for such notable folks as BMI International President Frances Preston, five-time heavy-weight champ Evander Holyfield, and (of all people) the Bishop of Rome, otherwise known as Pope Francis I.

Though my DONE list is long, I am grateful that my TO-DO list is still growing…

I am surrounded by forever pals, a loving family, and collection of colleagues that are not only friendly competitors but also ‘first responders’ in times of need…. In other words, Jimmy Stewart and I have at least one amazing thing in common… we both know what its like to live a WONDERFUL LIFE…..


The Ultimate G.O.A.L

Schedules, deadlines, priorities – it’s a struggle as endless as the ticking clock. Despite the many ‘To Do’ lists we are forced to deal with every day, we find our self staring again at the same [...]

Alone in Time Square

It was eerie, like I had stepped into a lost episode of the Twilight Zone; but Rod Serling was no where in sight — and neither was anyone else. It was 2:30 AM and I was standing in the middle of [...]


Introductory short story for “A Deeper Walk” (Thomas Nelson publishing)”…A collection of insightful works from today’s most inspiring writers.”   Several years have gone by and I’ve tried [...]

The Possibilities of Yet

It’s the one thing we all have in common, but no one wants to talk about – Trouble. It may sneak up on us with stealth, but it always attacks like a brazen thief. Trouble has a way of tying us up [...]


The Happiest Day

A memory of Chris Skala – video master & friend for 30 years ~ November 8, 1986, I got a call from Chris. Any other time I would have been up for a chat with my ol’ buddy, but the [...]

The Forgotten Begotten

“…If the only surviving son of such a revered man can be forgotten, what hope have I to be remembered?” NOTE: I was thumbing through my journal recently and came across this… [...]

Papaws Shoes

It was November 1982, the happiest time of the year. I was in Tennessee for the Thanksgiving holiday; home for my annual respite from running a busy newspaper in Charlotte, NC. For me, this [...]

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