Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans

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"The Bridge" CD

It is the one earthly journey we all experience, but too few of us choose to recognize – that invisible road between here and there. Some call it transition. Anthony Evans calls it …The Bridge.

To the majority of us, that transitional chasm of chaos is often overlooked in hopes of glimpsing the outcome, on the other side. But to a perceptive few, like Evans, the unknown between where were are and where we’re going is the all-important next step. Whether we stumble in the dark, or firmly plant our feet on faith, it is all up to us.

This universal, yet intimate test of transition is both exposed and explored in Anthony’s latest September, 2007 release …The Bridge.

Press the button on this new CD and it’s obvious that there is a fresh focus to Anthony Evans life - and music. “…This record came out of pain… When I got to the end of myself and surrendered to the concept of what I was created to do, I realized I wasn’t made to figure it all out. I wasn’t put here to see the big picture clearly, or to glimpse what is ahead. I was created to worship… That’s it.”

And that is exactly what Evans does on each of the eleven tracks in this insightful collection. “I took worship songs that are known in more of a contemporary environment and played them with a little more flavor.”

Using the spice of pure artistry, Anthony mixed adoration and experience with the essence of reverence and combined them with the praises of his distinctive voice. The result is a musical record of his own journey of worship, across the Bridge.

Listening to such standards as Glory To The King, Everlasting God and In Christ Alone, there is little doubt that Evans has found his purpose. And feeling the sense of surrender in Anthony’s interpretations of Let It Rain, Wonderful, Merciful Savior, and Here I Am To Worship, it is clear that he’s discovered something ‘transcending’ in his daily walk of faith.

“It is a hard concept to trust something you can not see. More often than not it takes more strength to let go than it does to hang on.”


Letting go and discovering that ‘the journey is just as important as the destination,’ wasn’t easy for Anthony. It was a life lesson that came as the result of a deeply personal, internal transition.

“I used to pray - God, if You fix this, it means You love me… I know You’re listening to me, IF You fix this. But when I saw that things were not getting better, I had to look at the scenario differently and figure out HOW He was loving me. Eventually, when I opened myself up to Him and surrendered my broken heart, I realized He was loving me HUGE…”

You loved me so much
That You let me, You let me fall
Knowing I’d lose it all and hear your call
You loved me so much that You chased me
When I ran away You captured me
By letting me run to the end of myself

That heartfelt lesson not only spilled out of his composer’s pen, (becoming ‘the bridge’ of track 10 - The Way You Love Me), it also set in motion a new and interesting way to live. “…I no longer need to see what’s ahead - what’s on the other side. I’m just crossing the bridge, letting each step I take reveal itself as I go… I leave the rest up to Him. I’ve discovered that in times of transition my job is to simply worship.”

That all-important ‘job’ led Anthony to the recording studio, where he recently completed the musical construction of The Bridge. Assisting the artist is this effort of worship was co-producer Nathan Nockels; who along with Shaun Martin arranged the nine contemporary classics, as well as and the two Evans-composed tracks, The Way You Love Me and Meaningless, (co-written with Ben Glover and Jason Ingram).

In the creative atmosphere of the Control Room this rare collection of musical talent was a given. But now, the result of that teamwork is becoming evident to audiences everywhere.

“This is the first record I’ve done that is accepted no matter where I go. It is music that fits any environment, any venue.”

The concept that ‘there is never a bad time or place for worship,’ is one that Anthony no doubt learned growing up in the home of his father Dr. Tony Evans; renowned pastor, author, and speaker. But though the young artist’s inspiring music has been performed before everyone from Soul Train to President Bush, the notion of endless worship did not truly hit Anthony until he found himself alone on that bridge.

“We tend to live our life backwards, allowing our emotions to dictate what we do. But I’ve discovered that our emotions are not truthful. They have no intellect. Emotionally and physically we can’t control where we are or where we’re going. Only our spirit is connected to the Truth. So the spiritual side of us should lead the way…”

Now everyday of Evans’ life is a step of faith; a conscious, deliberate effort to listen to the Spirit and connect with The Truth through his music and worship.

“My previous albums have been about communicating ‘my story.’ But ‘The Bridge’ is all about communicating with Him. This one is strictly vertical.”
“Its about learning to worship in spite of our internal chaos, in spite of the pain. It’s dealing with transition; from what God had for us, to what He HAS for us. We will never rest if we’re trying to figure out what’s on the other side. It’s being willing to cross without knowing –yet still believing that He loves us and that it will ultimately be great.”

For now, Anthony Evans is content to communicate the music and the message of his new release “The Bridge” through his up-coming appearances and constantly-expanding calendar. But when the artist is asked the obvious question “What’s next”, he simply smiles. “That’s on the other side of the Bridge. I haven’t seen that step - yet. All I know is what He’s told me…

“‘Just walk across the bridge, dude. I got ya’.”

~ Bart Green

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