Carie Thompson

Carie Thompson

With a click of her shutter she can turn a simple gesture at a wedding rehearsal into a moment forever framed over a fireplace. And despite the blare of music and stages lights, she’s able to capture a musician’s glance and reveal to all the tortured soul of an artist…

Her images are often displayed in black and white, but when she looks through her view finder Carie Burchfield-Thompson never fails to find a colorful character. Carie’s quest began in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee where she playfully focused her lens on the cr azy antics of her college friends. That initiation into the world of F-Stops and flash settings opened the door to area music venues, and soon the characters appearing nightly on local stages found their images emblazoned onto the digital memory card of Thompson’s camera.

Her focus on musicians eventually drew her to the one place over populated with them –Nashville. It was just a two hour drive from her East Tennessee home, but her arrival was a giant leap for both Thompson and the independent artists living and creating just outside the Nashville music box. Diving into the Nashville nightlife Carie and her camera started showing up at such venues as 12th & Porter, The Rutledge, and The Basement. And soon her flash was spotlighting artists like Cage the Elephant, Jeremy Lister, AutoVaughn, Bang Bang Bang, Chip Greene, Kyle Andrews, and Rachel Pearl. Her black and white approach was not only bold and artistic, it contrasted the Nashville night with the illuminating music of artists still hovering between survival and success.

Over time, as the music and images found wider distribution, fan bases grew, and so did the reputation of Carie Burchfield-Thompson. It wasn’t long before Carie’s shooting schedule included everything from up n’ coming artists, weddings, models and actors to the most prominent, annual musical event in the region; the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Although Carie and her camera did not find each other until early in this century, the combination clicked and formed an inseparable collaboration that has already garnered an impressive list of successes. Thompson’s work has been spotted in The New York Post, and featured in the pages of such prominent magazines as Guitar Player Magazine, Tango, Y’all, The Advocate, Knoxville’s Metro Pulse and The Nashville Scene. Carie has also snapped for industry websites like KatyK’s Clothing , and Mastercard’s These days, Carie Burchfield-Thompson can still be found looking through her view finder in Nashville haunts like Boscos, Mercy Lounge, The Basement, Red Door, Fido, and the Belcourt Theatre. And though her schedule is constantly full, her camera never will be; for she’s always on the look out for independent, colorful characters, full of life. … Maybe she should turn the camera on herself.

~ Barton Green

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