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Daron Farmer

'Reinvent Me'

"Everyone faces disappointment and hardship and finds themselves in a deconstructive state. Through this album, I want to impress that, while it sometimes may feel like it, you're not being thrown away. You're being made new again. You're being… reinvented."

By all appearances it may seem that composer/singer Daron Farmer has his life all worked out. But the will be the first to tell you that the "getting there" was not so easy. Along the way there's been more than a few bumps and bruises. Not only does he known the music of this hardship - by heart, Daron has lived the lyrics - first hand.

"I want people to see a real man, with real problems who needs a real God to transform and change him on a daily basis." And to emphasize that mandate, Farmer's third album will be released with the simple, but direct title, 'Reinvent Me.'

Traveling and performing from a young age with his evangelist family, gave Daron a genuine ability to emphasize and communicate with others through music. His agility to connect from the stage, across the footlights, to individual hearts is a rare gift that is both personal, and spiritual.

"I may not be who I want to be, but God has the ability to make me who He designed me to become. When people are struggling, it's hard to have the confidence in yourself to say 'change me.' My desire is for 'Reinvent Me' to be a jump-start in the right direction."

For Daron, the struggling began early in school. And remained an uphill climb until he finally discovered in his sophomore year that he had a learning disability. Apparently his skills were so slow in English and Math that his doctors and teachers offered little hope for improvement. Daron was basically told that he would, "never amount to anything."

The boy could have accepted that, but, instead, he decided to reinvent himself.

With help from his parents, committed teachers and his faith in God…along with burning the midnight oil and doubling his efforts, Daron was able to improve his grades dramatically. In fact when graduation came around, Daron Farmer was the recipient of several awards - along with his well-earned sheep skin.

"…This period of my life comes to mind when I sing 'I Don't Know Why'" Daron smiles. "I'm so thankful that the God of all creation saw something in me when nobody else could. I just needed to be willing to take action and step up to become the person He created me to be. Now, in all situations of life, it gives me strength to know that no matter what anyone else says, Jesus said, '…Yes.'"

That momentum continued on after graduation; Daron started a successful business, married Ashley, his college sweetheart, and climbed the corporate ladder to become a respected member of his community. And if that wasn't enough, he eventually took on the responsibility of becoming the associate pastor of his local Waco, TX church.

But soon the momentum of his life shifted again, and he discovered that 'reinvention' is one of God's special tools -- Daron's wife, Ashley, left him.

"We were young and innocent when we got married," Daron explained. "We were best friends. We loved the Lord. We loved each other. But we lacked communication. Our focus was more on things we wanted than on what God wanted for both of us. We weren't being held together by Him, but were being pulled apart by our own desires."

"After she moved out, and took everything with her, I remember walking around the empty house and falling to the floor in tears. Then I heard God say: 'Son, if you don't put me first, I'll take everything else you have. But, if you make me the priest of your home, I'll restore everything and make you who I've ultimately called you to be.'"

Through counseling, both individually and together, Daron and Ashley started back at the beginning and rebuilt their relationship. Ashley moved back him and now, nearly 14 years later, they have been blessed with a happy marriage, two adorable children and a good life. "It's definitely not easy. Reinvention takes effort and commitment," Daron stresses. "But, it is worth it. Ashely is my best friend and the love of my life."

From powering through his own struggles, to helping others get through theirs, Daron has found music to be the common denominator. Reinvent Me is full of songs with life-changing stories behind them.

“Talent only takes you so far, but when you allow the anointing of God through worship, the anointing is what allows the atmosphere to change,” Daron explains. “I truly believe in what I’m singing. I believe in putting passion into it and if you feel what you sing, everyone else will, too.”

And when Daron Farmer says ‘everyone’ he means even those who are not usually able to attend his concerts. Teaming up with Mike Barber’s Pro-Claim Prison Ministry has been an eye-opening and uplifting experience. “…The thing that has impacted me the most is the reaction we’ve received to the song, ‘He Knows My Name,’ offers Daron. “The incarcerated men & women connect with it, because though the prison knows them by a number, God knows them by name. It is amazing to realize that the God of Creation stops for each of us to simply say: ‘You are important. I haven’t forgot about you. And I do know your name.’”

“My desire is that people hear these songs and realize they don’t have to be in church to feel the presence of God. I want the lyrics to encourage them in the moment, where they are, to ask God to intervene in their struggle and reinvent them.


Daron Farmer knows the power of which he speaks. Cause he’s lived the music by heart, and written every transforming lyric - first hand.

The secret of his success? Everyday on some stage he harmonizes his collection of songs, and every night he perpetually asks God to “…Reinvent Me.”

~ Barton Green

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