Chris Skala

The Happiest Day

A memory of Chris Skala - video master & friend for 30 years ~

 November 8, 1986, I got a call from Chris. Any other time I would have been up for a chat with my ol' buddy, but the day was kinda special and I was in a hurry.

  It was my wedding day.

 "Chris, can we talk later? I've got to get the church-  Don't want them startin' without me."

   "Can you pick me up on the way?"

 "Funny - Charlotte is a coupla inches down the map from here, I'm in Newark, New Jersey."

   "What a coincidence, me, too!...I'm at Newark Airport. Me and my camera decided we HAD to capture your big day for posterity."

It was a complete surprise. I almost cried.

I borrowed a car, sped over to the airport and shook my friend's hand at the gate. Then, we broke every traffic law on the books to get to the ceremony; singing "Get Me To The Church On Time" the whole way.

Thanks to Chris Skala I have a visual record of one of the happiest days of my life.... He showed up just when I needed him most.

He had a habit of doing that.

Chris will be missed. But ironically, I will never need a video camera to keep his image fresh in my mind; for I will see him again... And on THAT happy day we will shake hands at the Ultimate Airport, just inside another gate... one made of gold.

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