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Harris & Barton Green (Mr. McMichael) "A trick worth practicing..."

How I Spent My Birthday

Usually I view a screenplay from 'The Writer's" POV-- but in the production that shot back in November of 2011, I also looked at the script from an actor's perspective. Playing a 1920's teacher of Illusions, Mr. McMichael.


Through an innovative blend of narrative film and his "Live" show experience, Harris, and his team, created a never-before-seen presentation that is unmatched and uniquely original. The highly anticipated DVD is simply titled, Harris III - Master Illusionist.


The production combines Live performances of illusions like ‘The Rope Trick’ and the body-switching ‘Metamorphosis’, with an artistic film short. The beautifully shot featurette centers around a1920’s boy who learns both magic and the lessons of life from a Master Illusionist. Loosely based on Harris’ own evolution, the boy - turned headstrong young man - determines to outdo the Great Houdini.


 The story’s lessons raise the curtain on the perils of Pride, the dangers of Deception and the transforming magic of finding one’s true purpose.  In the words of the boy’s teacher, Mr. McMichael, (based on Harris’ real life mentor) “...The chains of Deception have many locks. But for everything there is a key.”


It was a blast to work with longtime friends like Greg Lucid and Blake Monroe, from Lucid Artist Management. And getting to know Director Matt Underwood and his team at Mellowtown Productions sent my imagining spinning on what “the next project” could be.

Harris, Kate, everyone. You all were a pleasure to work with…. Lets do it again!

Thanks guys it was fun.

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