Bart & Ellie May Heritage U.S.A. (way back in the 1900’s)

First Impressions

Being hired at PTL’s then famous Charlotte headquarters as its’ Senior Publications Editor was of course a first for me.  It eventually became a place where many of my “firsts” occurred (I was just 24 yrs old)

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The first piece I would write - my debut,  of sorts - was expected to answer all the whispered questions as to why an “outsider”, from Tennessee, a guy WITHOUT a Journalism degree – was hired to run PTL’s international writing staff.

To say the least the pressure was ….tangible.

Bart & Ellie May But taking a deep breath I put ink to paper (no computers yet), and recounted my “first” impressions of the massive organization that televisions were bringing into living rooms everyday.

  The finished piece, on the front page of the 400, 000 run “Heritage Herald” not only answered everyone’s curious questions. It showed them a side of PTL they barely knew…. Let’s just say that my first attempt at a “first” impression was a memorable one.

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