In My Private Journal

1. CONTENT … Necessary Facts/Plot

2. CONTEXT … The Angle of the Subject/Plot Point of View

3. CHARACTER… Well Developed Heros & Heavies

4. CONSTANT CONFLICT… Keep Characters in “Hot Water”

5. CADENCE… Undetectable rhythm that keeps story moving & pages turning

6. CONTINUITY…Keeping Facts, Characters & Plot Ordered & Believable

7. CONTRAST … Highlight differences in Characters& Plot to tell the story

8. COMPARISON… Highlight similarities to move story forward

9. CHANGE… Each character must “grow” either physically &/or emotionally, etc.

10. CONCLUSION… Ending must be unexpected, fulfilling, and tie up all of the loose ends; Even though a story may be unending.

* For a story to be full, believable and fulfilling…  

Every Hero must possess a fatal flaw…

Every villain must harbor a glimmer of humanity/or redeeming quality.


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