Prepared: Body-Mind-Spirit

When Cincinnati Bengal’s tight-end Reggie Kelly realized that it was time to write his first book, my phone rang. Over the next few months we spent countless hours, shaping his concepts, focusing his insights until we got down to one timeless, universal question:
“If God wants us all to be in Heaven with Him, why did He put us on Earth-- first?”

The answers discovered are profound, insightful and available between the covers of ‘PREPARED: MIND - BODY- SPIRIT’.


We are surrounded. Our world is filled with barriers and limitations; from traffic lights, to the rules of social etiquette, to the constraints of gravity itself, these invisible lines test the limits of our character and the boundaries of our resolve.

From the imaginary shapes of countries on the globe, to the Times Square ball dropping on New Year’s Eve, we are reminded daily of the limitations that confine us. We even acknowledge the existence of these boundaries in the games we play. The white lines on a football gridiron illustrate the painstaking lengths we humans go to in our quest to ‘achieve’ - within our perceived limits.

  But for those who are willing to look beyond those imaginary lines, our boundaries can become the mere threshold of how truly boundless we were created to be — that is, if we are willing to do what is necessary to push past the limitations of our Self.

One man who chose to see the possibilities and cross that scrimmage line is Cincinnati Bengal, Reggie Kelly. But in order for him to push past the limitations of the every-day, and break through the 300-pound linemen pushing back on the NFL field, Reggie had to first confront the boundaries- within.

  It takes a big individual to stand on the scales, weigh their worth and take stock of their deficiencies. And by his actions Kelly proved himself to be even bigger than his 6’4” frame. The lessons he learned in the process tested the limits of his character and pushed at the very boundaries of his resolve.

  What he discovered, and how he turned that knowledge to his advantage, is revealed in the pages of this book. And though this volume is deceptively small, the ideas in it are as huge as the man who experienced them.

 These pages are for everyone who has faced a boundary, experienced limitations, and been on the receiving end of that little four-letter word, can’t. Within the covers of this book there is a map leading to the golden goalposts of your limitless potential. This collection of wisdom is for anyone who is willing to do what is “Right vs. What is Easy” in order to reach their ultimate goals.

 Life is change but growth is optional, and we are surrounded by invisible lines that force us to choose everyday. These challenges can either be a confining wall, or a window of opportunity. Yet, as Reggie Kelly discovered, before you step across that line you must be willing to do whatever is necessary to improve yourself. And the only way to accomplish that is to first be... PREPARED.


   Barton Green
                                                                                                       Nashville, TN

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