SCREENPLAYS of Barton Green

Here are four examples of my love for screenwriting, “...the artistic ability to create a story entirely from eavesdropped conversations, and artistically edited images."

The following are ACT ONE samples of my most recent work.

To read each screenplay just simply click on the icons below.

MIDWAY - Two passengers on a plane; each one possessing more baggage than they collectively checked at the ticket counter. Although their lives are contradictory, the two discover they have more in common than adjoining seats; for both possess the missing piece to the other's puzzle. And if they can get passed their own self-imposed walls, maybe they'll survive the journey, too.

BEDFORD FALLS REVISITED - Two angelic emissaries debate the eternal fate of the late George Bailey. Protesting the special look at life that Guardian Angel Clarence showed George, BECKETT PAYNE (the Devil's advocate) proposes a double or nothin' deal. DRISCOLL, (Heaven's representative) agrees to the bargain. Then covertly sends for his trump card, George's brother, HARRY....

A PATH OF YOUR OWN - A journey based on an ancient story… about a path that still exists today.

THE EXCHANGE - "It is appointed to every mortal once to die... Still every law devised for mankind, has its loopholes."

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