The LBN Years

Days of “Liberty”

During the mid 80’s everything was “video.”  So, I started writing for the screen.  Sadly, there is not a lot of footage that survived those BETA/2 inch videodayz.   But I did manage to salvage some historic footage.  Each one, an actual award winning effort  - all produced for The Liberty Broadcasting Network, (LBN)

The samples, displayed here, were written by me. But none of these productions could have come to fruition without the talent and long hours of old friends like Alphonzo Wesson, Chuck Elder, Todd Hewey, Bob Lauro, Lee Cantalon, Doug Kuiken, Sheri Brown, Erin Wilson, Buddy Kelly, Warren Marcus, John Faulk, Tim Goodwin – and way too many more to recall.

However, the real “Liberty’ of working for The Network came from our boss, Dr. Jerry Falwell.  He supplied us just the right atmosphere to think outside the frame; to creatively do what was needed in order to build and promote LBN. He just sat back and let us accomplish our goals, using the creativity of our youthful zeal and imagination.

“Jerry,” as he insisted I call him; was always available for a chat.  But he never looked over my shoulder. He allowed me the elbow room to write what I wanted.  

Whether it was his live, daily TV show, “The Pastor’s Study” which I scripted, or the spots displayed on this page, ”Jerry” showed me, by example, the power of creative ‘Liberty”.

Those years were an education wrapped in the guise of an on-going vacation…and I would do all over it again, without hesitation.

After I left LBN and moved on to other challenges, Jerry and I would still find a way to correspond, usually through our mutual friend, Tim Goodwin.

Bart and Jerry Falwell But my last communication with him, not long before he passed, was a simple, poignant email of personal encouragement.  

The words he “signed off” with, I will never forget.

“God bless ya, Bart…..

Now, go change the world.”


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