Dennis Williams Took

First National Recognition

This “Summer break” story (below) was based on a real life experience I shared with my oldest pal Dennis Williams… (right)

A few weeks after returning home for the start of another year of school, I heard about the upcoming “National Teen Talent Writing” Contest… And remembering our little adventure I decided to take a stab at the prize.

Sitting down at my grandmother’s dining room table I scribbled onto notebook paper the events that took place on that hot New Jersey boardwalk a few weeks before. And when I had it all down, only about 15 paragraphs, I asked my mother to type it up for me (hadn’t learned yet).

After she finished I fully intended to read it through again and give it another polish. But to my surprise, Mom had already sealed it up in an envelope and mailed it off to the judging committee.

“Wait!” It was just a first draft!” To say the least I was a little pissed. There went my chance for a big shiny trophy.

About two month’s later Mom called me in from the back yard, yelling, “telephone!”

On the other end was the main judge of the nationwide event. “…Congratulations, son, you are this year’s National Winner in the Writing Category.”

All I could say was, “Are you sure you’ve got the right guy? It was just a first draft.”


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